Monday, November 7, 2011


Time is such an important factor in our lives. Its how easily you accept TIME, makes your life worthwhile.

Unless the right time comes, no matter how much you try to make an effort, it just doesn’t work out. And when the time is just right, even with minimal efforts, things fall into place.

I believe God resides within each of our hearts and whatever we wish from the bottom of our hearts, is like a prayer to the God. The wish is granted, sooner or later, when the time comes.

My inner voice always craved for an expression through creativity. The environment that i was in, I always thought of getting into MBA or other such professional courses. However, some or the other way, things never worked out, as the God from within was unhappy. However, when I let the time go by, NID happened, it all went just so smooth as it was just right. Circumstances changed, people supported me, finances got into place, I suddenly got the clear pathway in front of me and things were falling into places.

Since years, had made several efforts to find a life partner and settle down. No matter how much I tried, nothing ever worked out, as I was forcing my wish against time. Finally had given up on everything and had understood by then that nothing will work out unless the right time comes. It was at my friend’s engagement ceremony when there came a voice from within. I was ready to let go the bygones and looking forward for a life ahead. Again, things started falling into place. Had never thought that within a week of my profile at a matrimonial site, I will meet a person with whom I would spend the rest of my life. This time, I was not worried, no fear, everything felt so right. Ample time was given to forget and forgive, and now was the time to cherish the present and look forward for the future.

Had always wanted life to be this simple. But if it wasn’t harsh, I wouldn’t be what I am today.

“ Give time your patience, and time will give you want you want;

Value time, and it will pay you for all your hard work;

Have faith in time, and it will prove to be the best mentor;

Give people your time, and they will respect you forever. “

Saturday, October 15, 2011


A plain yellowish wall, with a black and white photo of Jagjit and Chitra Singh hanging, a big sitting area in front of it. Jagjit Singh sitting relaxed with his harmonium, looking straight into the camera. A texture of morning light falling on his face, candles lit up all around the place. This is the portrait I had imagined for Jagjit Singh.

Had found a contact to reach him. And was waiting for him to be fit and fine, though within my heart somewhere I knew, these are his last days and had a strong intuition that my dream of taking his portrait is gonna be just a wish, .

Aaj phir dil ne ek tammanna ki… aaj phir dil ko humne samjhaya…

Last time he visited Ahmedabad at the IIM concert, had attended it and before the show could end, I went backstage and waited to meet him.

Aaye woh saamne toh bus….

He was surrounded by loads of people and security, but had the nearest look at him and got an autograph from him at least.

His songs have been a part of our lives, be it sulking as a teenager, enjoying the romantic moments, or mourning over a lost love, or even the process of coming out of the past and moving on with life. His voice has been a smoothing ointment for hundreds and thousands of broken hearts.

2001 Godhra kaand, one of the worst human disasters in Gujarat, that night Jagjit Singh was performing in Amdavad at Karnavati Club. I was in second year college, and this was my first chance to hear him Live. Despite of prohibitions, I went there. It was a full moon night, cold breeze blowing, hundreds of enthusiasts, melodious music and the golden voice. It was a night to be remembered for my life.

Tum chale jaoge toh sochenge… humne kya khoya, humne kya paaya…

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

In loving memory... NEMO!!!

6:11 PM A: hi

6:13 PM me: hi
so ur name is nemo?
6:14 PM A: no nimesh
me: oh ok...
6:23 PM A: so ur a photo graphr
me: not exactly...
just trying to be one...
A: ohhhhhhhh
nice pics
water sports and all
6:24 PM me: thanks...
A: are nice nes
me: so what do u do?
6:26 PM A: i write scripts
make plays
and imagine a lot

My first unknown online friend. Our common interests, writing and photography kept our conversations on. Once in a while we used to chat and then months of gap.

Nemo: I am writing a script. Check this out and share your opinion...


By- Nimesh Tanna.

Mumbai—Haji Ali

With heavy eyes and the air filled with delicious innocence and heartbeat softened in desire he did his namaaz rituals and then with fading darkness

And lost in nothing-ness, burned by the fires of inner light and divine guidance and insight he walks

taqdeer bhi kya rang layee..

teri mazhar pe subah lehrayi..

hum toh bhool hi gaye bheed mein apne aap ko

phir tujhse door hote hue tanhayee samajh aayee..

apne aap ko bhool gaye sabhi aaj kuch yaad aa raha hain..

pathron se yuhi nahi takratii lehre…

khayalon mein se koi bade dino baad aa raha hai’.......


Nemo: Hi!
me: hey! been a long time...
Nemo: how are you?
me: hmm... good
Nemo: no...something is wrong....tell me what is it...
me: nothing at all....
Nemo: ok give me ur phone number now!!! i can sense it... something is terribly wrong...

I heard his voice for the first time... he sounded like Farhan Akhtar... rough yet pleasant to hear... cheerful... we talked as if we knew each other since years... we were completely comfortable talking to each other...

that day, I was travelling alone to a village Pithampur for a photo assignment for a month and I was damn scared as I was also going through a bad phase in life. Nemo assured that he was on phone all through out the journey till i reached the guest house safely. We kept talking all night... that was the longest talk I ever had with anyone on phone.

During my entire stay at Pithampur, he made sure that I went to sleep at peace. Like a good friend, he asked me whether I had food, whether I was ok, talked to me on how my day went. I could successfully complete my assignment. After I returned, we had regular chats to share what was up with our lives.

Slowly he went busy with his work, and I with my NID assignments. November 2010, during Navratri, he said he was passing by Ahmedabad and that I should come and see him at the railway station. I tried, but was occupied with work so we could not meet. He got angry and didnt talk to me until he called me a few days later and said that he was dropping by in Ahmedabad to meet me for a day and that I should show him around NID. I agreed happily.

The day came when we met each other after 3 years of chat. It was so good to see him, a positive and energetic aura surrounded him. I showed him around NID and then he accompanied me to Riverside school to take my photography workshop. kids enjoyed his company. We returned in the school bus, talking and laughing like two school kids getting back home. Had lunch, and then he wanted to buy something special for his mom and friends. So took him to law garden. It was Navratri, so we again met at NID at night and alongwith his friend and my friend, we sat in the lawn at chatted till 12 a.m. then we came out, and sat on the roads, chatting the entire night till 6 a.m. It had been almost 20 hours that we had been together.

Will never forget those 20 hours Nemo. You are a great soul... you made more friends in NID than i had... you had the quality to charm anyone...

A beautiful soul that was here on earth to share happiness, joy, positivity... May your soul rest in peace NEMO!!! You have 100s of fans following you and remembering you.

Every day when I logon to facebook, I search for you and hope that will see you online someday... and my chat window will pop up 'hi... take care'.

Today when I look back, I realise how strangely we met on orkut and then our friendship extended, sometimes we took each other for granted and didnt talk for days and weeks. And now that you are gone, wish I had spent some more time with you. I missed getting all the positive vibes from you. You remind me, 'Life is to be lived every moment. Make a difference in others lives. Believe in yourself and do things the way you want. Live life the Nemo way...'

Buddy... you touched many lives... you are blessed by each of us...

Friday, January 14, 2011


It has been two years since I started writing this blog on a sunny, windy, lovely Uttarayan day. As always, Uttarayan has always been my special festival. The Kite flying gives a sense of freedom. Though it is flying high in the air, it is attached to its roots unless is rigorously and harshly cut from its connections. It falls down, however doesn’t stop its spirit of flying. It flies again with new spirit and new hopes. It sometimes gets entangled in difficulties and is torn into pieces. But it is still happy to have lived a life giving happiness to others.

All right there goes the philosophical way. Apart from that, it is a day for me to measure my life of how many Uttarayans have I spent in my life on terrace enjoying with family, friends. It gives me an idea of where I was 5 Uttarayan back and where am I today. So much has happened and so much has gone by, so much has changed yet so much is still the same within me.

May be it also the time for me to plan as to how would I like to spend Uttarayans 10 years later in my life.

Ahhh…forget it… its time to go up and fly the kites. No more philosophy and no more worries. As a wise man has said


HAPPY UTTARAYAN and sorry for such a disappointing blog…