Monday, November 7, 2011


Time is such an important factor in our lives. Its how easily you accept TIME, makes your life worthwhile.

Unless the right time comes, no matter how much you try to make an effort, it just doesn’t work out. And when the time is just right, even with minimal efforts, things fall into place.

I believe God resides within each of our hearts and whatever we wish from the bottom of our hearts, is like a prayer to the God. The wish is granted, sooner or later, when the time comes.

My inner voice always craved for an expression through creativity. The environment that i was in, I always thought of getting into MBA or other such professional courses. However, some or the other way, things never worked out, as the God from within was unhappy. However, when I let the time go by, NID happened, it all went just so smooth as it was just right. Circumstances changed, people supported me, finances got into place, I suddenly got the clear pathway in front of me and things were falling into places.

Since years, had made several efforts to find a life partner and settle down. No matter how much I tried, nothing ever worked out, as I was forcing my wish against time. Finally had given up on everything and had understood by then that nothing will work out unless the right time comes. It was at my friend’s engagement ceremony when there came a voice from within. I was ready to let go the bygones and looking forward for a life ahead. Again, things started falling into place. Had never thought that within a week of my profile at a matrimonial site, I will meet a person with whom I would spend the rest of my life. This time, I was not worried, no fear, everything felt so right. Ample time was given to forget and forgive, and now was the time to cherish the present and look forward for the future.

Had always wanted life to be this simple. But if it wasn’t harsh, I wouldn’t be what I am today.

“ Give time your patience, and time will give you want you want;

Value time, and it will pay you for all your hard work;

Have faith in time, and it will prove to be the best mentor;

Give people your time, and they will respect you forever. “