Saturday, October 15, 2011


A plain yellowish wall, with a black and white photo of Jagjit and Chitra Singh hanging, a big sitting area in front of it. Jagjit Singh sitting relaxed with his harmonium, looking straight into the camera. A texture of morning light falling on his face, candles lit up all around the place. This is the portrait I had imagined for Jagjit Singh.

Had found a contact to reach him. And was waiting for him to be fit and fine, though within my heart somewhere I knew, these are his last days and had a strong intuition that my dream of taking his portrait is gonna be just a wish, .

Aaj phir dil ne ek tammanna ki… aaj phir dil ko humne samjhaya…

Last time he visited Ahmedabad at the IIM concert, had attended it and before the show could end, I went backstage and waited to meet him.

Aaye woh saamne toh bus….

He was surrounded by loads of people and security, but had the nearest look at him and got an autograph from him at least.

His songs have been a part of our lives, be it sulking as a teenager, enjoying the romantic moments, or mourning over a lost love, or even the process of coming out of the past and moving on with life. His voice has been a smoothing ointment for hundreds and thousands of broken hearts.

2001 Godhra kaand, one of the worst human disasters in Gujarat, that night Jagjit Singh was performing in Amdavad at Karnavati Club. I was in second year college, and this was my first chance to hear him Live. Despite of prohibitions, I went there. It was a full moon night, cold breeze blowing, hundreds of enthusiasts, melodious music and the golden voice. It was a night to be remembered for my life.

Tum chale jaoge toh sochenge… humne kya khoya, humne kya paaya…