Friday, June 12, 2009

Getting into NID...phew!!!

Now that I am already into NID, I can have the gutt to talk about the experience during the admission procedure. It was quite an of a kind and very satisfying.

I left my job in March to pursue my hobby as a passion. I wasnt sure if I was following the correct path. It was a tough decision and highly risked. However, when I saw the advertisement of NID, National Institute of Design for Photography Design course, I knew this is what I wanted to do. But I wasnt sure if I would be able to get into it, as NID looks for highly talented people and I wasnt a great photographer at all. So, I decided to have a plan-B ready with me.

My first step was to prepare a portfolio of 45 good pics. So I shortlisted a few pics from the accumulated pics since years. But they werent enough. So for about a month I went about clicking pics. But it wasnt that simple. I didnt have an SLR camera, infact didnt have any camera. So i had to beg and borrow cameras from others. But may be this increased my dertermination even more.

I still remember the day when I went to submit my portfolio. It was a day after my birthday. With my heart pumping as fast as a speed boat machine, and blood gushing faster than the speed of light, I entered the campus of NID and I knew this is the place to be. But I wasnt sure at all about my entry...however I just handed over my work at the office and came back home relaxed.

After 15 days received a mail saying I was shortlisted and had to appear for an interview. Oh man! I was if I had already got the admission. But I didnt celebrate this. This was just the first step up! I started preparing for the basics of photography, cameras, lenses, techniques, dark room, etc. It wasnt that interesting but then had to....

The day of written test arrived. The hall was full of more than 45 ppl. The number made me feel nervous. It was a tough competition and plus they were all smart people from Delhi, Mumbai, Kerala, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata...all had their big cameras with them. I had no clue about the photographers they had asked for in the written test, however knew all the basics. But I was sure no one else too must have known about it.

Then we had the interview. The panel included 3 eminent photographers, our course co-ordinater Dr. Deepak John Matthew and a psychologist (hope the spelling is right). I was nervous for sure. It went on for 20 min and I have absolutely no clue what I answered to their questions. As if I was drunk!

Next day was studio test. We had to click 15 pics on a topic in one hour with its description too.

My topic was 'Contrast in NID campus'. It was fun clicking with the film 35 mm camera. After my turn was over, I helped the next batch to load their films in camera.

So finally, all my efforts were over. Now had to wait for another 15 days for the result. But I was pretty sure I would get it. I had performed fair enough in all the rounds. And yuppieeee....!!!! I got it!!!

I really feel this is the best decision I ever made in my life. I could now tell people that I was not a loser. This is the best year of my life...enjoying every bit of it!!! Exploring NID in one year is too short a time...but am glad atleast I have one year! CHEERS!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Rickshaw and the rickshawwalahs...

My school was 8-9 kms away from my home. The very popular mode of transport during school days was rickshaw (as rest of the country calls it Auto, but in ahmedabad we call it rickshaw). I was the second person to be picked up and then there were 8 more to be collected on the way to school. Yes thats right, 10 children stuffed in one rick alongwith our huge school bags hanging out of the ricks and some were kept by the rickshawwala uncle near his feet.

I remember the name of all my rickshawala uncles. There was one muslim uncle called Sikander. He had a serious face, though when he smiled, it was so warm. He was the only rickshawala uncle who used to call me by my pet name. I remember one incident very clearly. I was in 2nd std. and my mother was in clinic, expecting my brother. So after my school, Sikander uncle used to hold my hand and drop me till the room where my mother was admitted and he used to talk to me on the way about how i will be happy getting a sibling.

After a few months, suddenly some other uncle came to pick us up and then a few days later, we came to know that Sikander uncle had left the city. It took us time to adjust to the new uncle, Narendra uncle. He had a round face, a round belly, and round cheeks, always full of paan. His teeth always red. After every five minutes, he would spit out the red pichkari. However, a few months later we became friendly with him and we insisted him to leave eating paan and tobacco. He surely did stop eating it atleast before us.

Then there was Nitin uncle, who used to take us to Saibaba temple every thursday. We were always excited about it, since after the prayers, we used to get a packet of pedas to share amongst us and a single rose which was given on rotation basis.

Then in 9th std. there was this Riyaz uncle...errr....wont call him uncle...he was too young to be called that...and infact he used to flirt with my best friend, who didnt come with us in the rick as she stayed near to the school. I was so irritated by this behaviour, but couldnt help as my friend too enjoyed the flirting thinking she was beautiful enough to attract him...

The best part was the day before the dhuleti holiday. After school, all rickshawala uncles drove their ricks to a common place. We were prepared for this and we put on another tshirt to save our uniforms. From under the seats, we used to take out our colors and pichkaris and there goes the color war between the gangs, one rickshaw team worses the other. It was fun!

And then on the last day before summer holidays, uncle used to decorate the rickshaw with the glittering ribbons and balloons. After the last exam, it was an ice-cream treat. Now when i understand what they earned, I really wonder, how they managed our celebrations at their expense? Definately they didnt have big money, but definately had big hearts!!!

After school, the only interaction with rickshawwalas is when we go to railway station or when we are in a different city. I tell you, beware of the Delhi-autowalas. You need to get a consensus from 10 autowalas to get the correct fare rate, if you are new to the place and are unaware of the distance. But i really admire the Mumbai and Hyderabad autowalas. They are really helpful, especially in Hyderabad, they are more like guides than autowalas. Ahmedabad rickshawwalas cant cheat as they go by meter, but again the Baroda ones are another looters.

And then there are these poor pag-rickshawalas in Kolkata. Sometimes you feel pity seeing them pulling huge bodies with so much luggage. But then, if you dont sit after them, from where are they going to earn?

And in Rajasthan, you will find these colourfully decorated rickshaws with dhinchak music system, and flower vases and a clock in it, with comfortable and attractive seat covers.

There goes a gujarati song dedicated to all Ahmedabad rickshawalas -

"Hoon amdavad no rickshawado chhuu...." Thats Naresh Kanodia, the famous gujarati actor, happily singing in his role as a rickshawala.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Morning story...its not like the bed time stories at all!!!

Trrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnggggggggggg!!!! Goes my alarm! With my eyes closed and knowing where the noise is coming from, my hand automatically goes to the snooze button. The scene repeats three to four times (and hence i purposely keep the alarm half hour early to my scheduled time).

My voluntary muscles start doing the routine involuntarily. I put on my tracks and shoes, take my mobile, observe the time and here i go Left Right Left Right with my eyes half closed. However it opens with the barking of the dog at the milkman and the school vanwalas beeping to pick up all the battons (children) and reach the finish line (school) in time.

I can see a few uncles with their pot-shaped bellies trying hard to roll down. Some aunties in their gowns, hair scattered going to the doodhwala to fight why he didnt stop at the gate for a few seconds? While some rich fat ladies fitted in their tracks and tshirts (all adoring adidas, nike, reebok tags) hoofing like a steam engine, with a determination to slim down before attending Mrs. Chada's daughter's wedding.

Walking past all this hustle bustle, I reach my favourite lane which is serene and quiet. On one side are magnificent bungalows with beautifully architectured designs and a lovely garden in front of each bungalow. I still dont know who lives in those beautiful mansions, because i never see any resident. All i can see is the servants cleaning the cars or the garden. With peacocks crossing the roads and flying over the roofs of these bungalows, and the smell of flowers from each garden, the cool breeze and the chirping of the birds; its just the perfect morning I wish for.

And then there is a small church, which looks more like an abandoned place. Its only once that i saw an old lady in her frock lighting the candles before Mother Mary. Sometimes I take a few moments and sit in front of the picture and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, which I miss the rest of the day.

Jogging ahead I reach an artificial lake, which is a multi purpose lake. In the morning its a jogging place around the lake, in afternoon its a place for collegians to spend time, in evening its time for the old people to have a chit-chat, also for kids to play at the park and enjoy the rides, and then at night its for those love birds who are tabooed to meet during the day light. So at this lake, while others are exercising, or jogging, or doing yoga, or breathing exercise; I just sit on the stairs of the lake and observe the tranquility of water. This is the best time for me to plan out my day. I know some people observe me daily doing nothing and wondering why does she come here when she doesnt want to exercise??? hehe...but who cares...i am too lazy to exercise after the walk to the lake and plus i want to save my energy to go back home too...

On my way back home, I see a man standing with a few calfs and heaps of hay to be feeded to them. Its his business to feed these cows only when some one pays to do so...hmm...thats sad. By the time I return back home, the sun has risen enough to take away that soothing cool breeze around. So I rush back home to have my morning tea with the newspaper waiting for me.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Stress??? Whats that??? everyone is complaining of having stress.

It may be because of work, or unsuccessful married or love life, or family fights, or may be unhappy for not being able to do what you really want to do. Why has the degree of stress increased tremendously? Or was it the same a few years ago too??? Or is it that since now we have grown up, we understand what is stress? Did our parents go through the same phase in their times too???

My purpose of writing this post is to ponder upon ways that we can seek to as stressbusters.

1. Love your self - Keep your body fit. Go to a gym, dance, aerobics, yoga, morning walks, beauty parlours (y not men too? caring for your body is important irrespective to your sex).

2. Do a generous act - Feed a hungry child; offer lift to an old lady; join an NGO where you can engage your self every Sunday; donate clothes, books, toys at orphans; sponsor a lunch/dinner at old age homes and make sure you personally serve them; teach poor kids (it may be a kid of your servant coming at home dont always have to get out of your comfort level to help someone).

3. Surround yourself with kid(s) - a child's smile is so relaxing. Trust will forget all your worries. A child's smile is so innocent, pure and beautiful that you will reciprocate the child in the same way. No matter how sad are you or how worried are you, but if a child smiles at you, you will definately forget your worries for a moment and smile back to the child. though you know that the child is never going to complain if you dont do so...

4. Smile - Have you ever tried looking yourself in front of the mirror and smile? try it when you are feeling extremely low. Its scientifically proven that a smile generates chemicals in your mind that makes you feel happy and relaxed. Similarly a frown on face can make you feel irritated and angry. So next time you are really angry or sad, make sure you smile at yourself or even at a stranger.

Ofcourse there are other ways too. As men have a very good reason to smoke and drink. For them this is the best stress buster...Well thats just an another excuse...
You may share your ideas for relieving stress... However stress is all in your mind. If you know how to tame your emotions, you can control stress....Stress??? Whats that???

Friday, March 27, 2009

Jo hukum mere aka...

This one is quite similar to the previous blog i wrote 'Wanna be a Midas? Sure be one' , its about wishes. However, i wanted to relate wishes to an another story of Alladin.

What if we all were given a Genie once in our life time? A pre-decided moment by destiny - an Alladin lamp given to you and then when you rub the lamp, a giant genie appears.

"Jo hukum mere aka. Main tumhari teen maange puri karunga"

You know what, when I imagine a genie in front of me, I cant even think of any wish and even if i do, I feel is it worth asking for? I have only three wishes so should I waste one of my wish asking for this? And then I will be so confused and greedy that it would take me years to make up my mind.

Ok lets do an exercise to simplify this. Go and get a paper and a pen. List down all your wishes in the following categories -

1. Career wish

2. Materialistic wish

3. Family wish

4. Health wish

5. Spiritual wish...any other that comes up your mind.

Now out of these wishes, cancel out those wishes that are not very important to you. Out of the remaining wishes, list out the best three in the order of your priority.

Have you been able to do that? If yes, then are these wishes so strong that you would like to ask it to the genie, who has been given to you only once in life?

Well all i could wish is " I should die in my sleep in the arms of my beloved after seeing my grand children happily having Ben & Jerry's ice cream in gold plates in my bungalow located in front of a sea beach." ...ya i know have stolen that wish...but i hope i havent missed out any point of happiness that i wish.


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wanna be a Midas??? Sure be one...

God says

"You want something, I want something else,

Yet it always happens what I want,

Instead you start doing what I want,

Then things will happen the way you want!"

This is just so true...i agree to the fact that whatever you pray from the bottom of your heart, god certainly gives you that but it is always with a twist in the wish...remember the story of the king with a Midas touch???

There was once a king named Midas who did a good deed for a Satyr and was granted a wish by the God of wine, Dionysus. For his wish, Midas asked that whatever he touched would turn to gold. Although Dionysus tried to dissuade him, Midas insisted that the wish was an excellent one, and it was granted!
Excitedly, Midas went about touching all sorts of things, turning them into gold.
Soon Midas became hungry. He picked up a piece of food, but he couldn't eat it, for it had turned to gold in his hand! "I'll starve," moaned Midas, "Perhaps this was not such a good wish after all!"
Midas' beloved daughter, seeing his dismay, threw her arms about him to comfort him, and, she too turned to gold! "The golden touch is no blessing," cried Midas. He went to the river and wept. The sand of that river turned as yellow as "fool's gold" for it is there, they say, that King Midas washed away the curse of the golden touch with his own tears.

Now compare your lives with this story...remember atleast one thing that you have desperately wanted. When you achieved that, did you get it exactly as you had wished for?

God just smiles and says "You are not gonna get what you want my child. You cant be a demanding and a cribbing child with me. I will set you right if you be like that. "

So finally we give up and say "God, you be my guide, you be my mentor, you be my master; I will do all that you want me to do."

And once you start doing that, God says "You are my obedient child. I am happy with you. I can read whats in your heart and you will get all that."

Monday, March 16, 2009

Papa, do you think i can break Sachin's record???

“Papa main bada hoke pilot banna chahta hoon”
“Papa I want to be a gardener”
“Papa, cook”
“Papa, do you think I can break Sachin’s record?”
Somewhere we all are connected to this advertisement. Every individual comes to a stage at least once in life where it becomes mandatory to choose from the various options that he/she has been thinking about his career every now and then since childhood.
And plus the decision making pressure that comes with the system.

“Beta agar science mein jana hai to 10th std. mein ache marks lane padenge.”

After 10th results, it is a major decision to choose between science, commerce and arts. But that option is available only if you have scored well in 10th. If you are an average student, then you only have commerce or arts option left with you. If you are a below average student, then arts is the only option left.
Again, once you finish your 12th std., you need to choose from engineering, doctor, B.Sc., MCA, BBA, etc…
Your confusion worsens when any Tom, Dick and Harry is there to come and advice you. Even a regular kitty going aunty visiting your place will advice you,
“Beta, itne marks mein to engineering mein nahi milega.”
“Beta, yeh college mein hi admission lena. Mere dost ke padosi ke bhatije ke bhai ne wahi se kiya hai. Bahut achhi college hai.”….blah, blah, blah….as if the aunty has done a P.hD in ranking the colleges and is a visiting faculty.
And finally you just end up choosing a college where you get admission by luck or by chance or by getting a consensus of 100s of advices and forming their graphs.
Though this is not the case for students who have been hammered about their careers since their childhood or who are born geniuses. They are very clear with their long term goals and hence they know what path to choose.
Getting back to people like me, after getting out of these colleges, you either want to pursue your studies further or will take up a job. If you take up a job, after a few years, you will realize that you need to get back to studies.
If you take up studies, then you need to decide which company you will like to get placed later, what kind of life style you are expecting, what package are you expecting? After getting a job in the desired company, you get pissed off with the routine and the politics and the mismanagement and the boss…
And then there comes a voice from within “I want to do something different.”
Some of us dare to hear this inner voice and some of us just suppress it thinking it is not possible with the current responsibilities. Thank god people like Abhinav Bindra, Rohit Bal, Chetan Bhagat, AR Rehman, Richard Branson, Ayn Rand, Bill Gates,…did not have such responsibilities. They were people who just did it! There was not time in their lives to sit and wish.
I know it is not that easy, but I know commitment and hard work and of course luck can make this happen. And satisfaction is guaranteed. If not full time, at least you can start pursuing your dreams part time with -
Photography, dancing, cooking, blogging, writing novels or books, open a restaurant, become a guide, modeling (only if you think others like your face other than you and your mother), acting, having your own boutique, etc. etc….
So as Sachin said “YES, WHY NOT??? YOU CAN BREAK MY RECORD!”

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

GHAJINI movie without Aamir’s daily diary…

As a teenager, I maintained a daily diary where mentioned each feeling I experienced on looking at my crush (or at that time the most important person in life); or even a fight with my friend; or what special thing I did for people around me; or which friend is very near to my heart and how I feel about my teachers, etc...etc…
Obviously unless you don’t come out of the illusion, it’s always love, but once you are out, you name it as crush. (aur koi chara bhi to nahi hai apni bewakufi chhupane ka!)Now when I refer to that diary, I find it so stupid to mention each and every silly feeling in it. But I have hidden those diaries in such a place so that no one else can read my stupidity at least.
As I started working, I couldn’t maintain my diary daily but I surely wrote it when something interesting was going on in my life or something important that I learnt that day or even if there was a special moment of happiness or sadness. I spent hours thinking and writing those moments. Even read what I had written in the past. It was like creating your own world of thoughts and dreams.
Again as I got busier with life and as things got more hectic and as life got more serious in its shade, I hardly felt the need of taking out time to write anything in my diary. I started feeling it was a waste of time and in fact with the extensive use of computers, I doubted if I still remember how to write with the traditional pen and paper.
A few years back when I was working as a teacher, I came across instances with children which I felt worth mentioning in my diary, but I never did that. And now when I try to recall those instances, I can’t. Wish I would have captured them then in my diary(this is also because I have a weak memory).
Even today, when I have been working in office, we come across a lot of funny people (especially with very interesting English. Each time I get a mail, I burst into laughter, no offense intended). But again these instances will be lost from my memory as time will pass by.
However, I firmly believe that maintaining a personal diary is a must, it’s always good to have a flash back in life at times. It is a good scale to measure of how your thoughts have evolved through these years.
Just imagine if in GHAJINI, Amir didn’t write his diary? Jiah khan would have never been able to help him out! And Aamir could never have taken his revenge, in fact Ghajini would have killed Aamir instead. So you see the importance of diary? Hehe…

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Humor, the essence of life...

It is not new when I say
“life without love is impossible”.
Even the most self-centric and selfish person on earth believes in love. How? Of course by loving himself (no gender specified, coz self is always considered as a male gender), simple. :)
But can you imagine love without expectations? Mind it, even desiring a hug every morning from your dear one is an expectation. Even a mother’s love for the child has an expectation of being treated well by the child when he grows up. Even a devotee loving God has an expectation to get liberation. Love cannot exist without expectations; however, the extent of expectation decides how much you love the other person. The expectation should not strangle the person you love.
With the rise of expectations, rises problem. And as it is said rightly -

“Happiness is not an absence of problems, but it is the feeling you get when you give in your best to come out of the problem.”

With problems come worries. However, the worries only create a panic which again leads to a whole lot of new problems. So instead, bring humor to your life. Any situation can be handled with ease if you know how to deal it with a mix of humor.

Nothing is too serious in life to take away your faith in God or has the right to take away the happiness from your life. You are born to be happy. God has sent you on earth to enjoy life and prove your worth so that when you get back to Him, you can proudly say
“God, I have achieved what you had sent me for.”
This very thought of bringing humor to life came from reading the cartoons everyday by RK Laxman on ‘The Times of India’ front page. I smile, no matter how grave the topic he comments upon. The common man he shows never speaks anything, but is just an onlooker. Similarly, even we as a self should only be an onlooker to the situations that we come across, only then we can enjoy the humor of life.

"Without faith, love and a good sense of humor, you dont get through much in this life."

Monday, February 23, 2009

A miracle, hard to believe...

The tiger temple in thailand is a place where an extraordinary bond between man and the world's biggest cats has been formed. The tigers here are so peaceful…its almost as if they have accepted buddhism as their religion. In fact, they even sit for the meditating sessions with the monks and kneel down in front of them as it they are the gurus. The tigers are so docile that the monks have to sometimes train them to fight otherwise they would lose all their power of self protection. The link started in 1999 when a sick baby tiger, orphaned after poachers shot its mother, was brought to the monks. Within a few years several other tiger cubs similarly orphaned by poachers had arrived. The most amazing thing is none of the cubs turned out ferocious on growing up. The monks believe that these tigers are none other than the former Buddhist disciples who have taken rebirth in the same place.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sugar coating at work...

I work as a trainer and developer in my company and I basically keep teaching people about the corporate culture, soft skills, communication skills...etc, etc... to be precise, i teach them how to sugar coat on talks which actually means something else.

Some times I think, its mundane to always follow the rules inspite of knowing that the other person is already aware of whats up your mind actually.

A few mundane activities like, every time you write a mail, it starts with -

" Dear Sir (as if the person has been declared officially SIR by the Queen of England),"

"This is in regards/ reference to our conversation/ telecon/ previous mail...." (why do we always assume that the other person has a bad memory that you need to remind him/her of all the previous conversations, though that last conversation may be just a few minutes ago?)

There are a lot other examples. Also, being a part of HR, while recruiting people we say a few things which actually have a hidden meaning to are a few. Hope they help you next time you join a company :)

Beware of these words -

"Competitive Salary" (We remain competitive by paying you less than our competition)
"Join our fast-paced company" (We have no time to train you)
“Casual work atmosphere" (We don't pay enough to expect that you will be able to formally dress up)
"Some overtime required" (you need to write letters to be connected with your family)
"Duties will vary" (Anyone in the office can boss you around)
"Must have an eye for detail" (We can’t afford a quality assurance dept. You have to do it yourself)
"Career-minded" (Female applicants must be childless - and remain that way)
"Apply in person" (If you're old, fat or ugly you'll be told that the position has been filled)
"Seeking candidates with a wide variety of experience" (You'll need it to replace the three people who just quit)
"Requires team leadership skills" (You'll have the responsibilities of a manager, without the pay or respect)
"Good communication skills" (Management communicates, you listen, figure out what they want and do it)


Saturday, January 17, 2009

Seeking attention....

After posting the first article on my blog, I was so excited about creating it that every half hour, I kept checking if anyone has commented on it or is some one following me...
and each time I saw, I got disappointed... :( thanks to vishal and rashmi to having supported my moral.... :)
so then I put up my blog on orkut updates so that others would see it too...
now this made me more anxious....even though I had a hectic schedule at office, I managed to sneek in from others and open my blog to check out if any updates....being an IT company, every site that we open, is being registered, even then i was ready to take up the risk to see who has appreciated my blog...or even that how beautiful the lady on the top of my blog if I am going to get an appraisal by others commenting on it...
After two days, i realised, why am I expecting others to see my blog and appreciate it??? what is the purpose of me writing my thoughts in public....why would somebody be interested in even reading what i think???
surely i am not Amitabh Bachhan whose blog is visited by thousands of people in a day...
But may be its not only about the blog...its about life in general...
we all seek for attention and we all feel confident on getting appreciated...
I could have written all this in my personal diary too....but then whats the point if no one can ever read it???
It is true when we say -
The greatest gift you can give others is the purity of your attention.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Down the memory lane...Uttarayan

This is my first post on my new blog...what made me create a blog???
Well i dont know exactly why, but may be because everyone else is doing it??? :) ... or may be just to share a few thoughts or incidents that come up during the journey of life.
I wont define this blog, I just want to continue writing anything and everything that comes upto my mind...
Today is Uttarayan, a festival of kites, also known as Makar Sankranti. Like every other festival, Uttarayan brings in good cheer and celebrations, albeit its own unique way. Festive special food like undhiyu and jalebi, a sky full of kites, a home full of fun and the special bondage with family.
Makar Sankranti symbolises the onset of the harvest season and the end of winter(which hardly begins in ahmedabad). It also marks the entry of sun into a new zodiac sign Capricorn (Makar).
I was amused to hear the history -in India, the Kings and Nawabs who found the sport both entertaining and a way of displaying their prowess, used to employ trained fliers to fly kites for kings. What I cant understand is what pleasure would they be getting in only watching the kites fly...they should have tried flying the kites themselves...its so much fun...
Personally, I have a lot of memories connected to this festival, each Uttarayan brings me different memories of life...
As a kid, I used to go to my Mama's place, where all cousins used to gather. The preparation used to start from the previous night. All papa's alongwith the bachas used to go to shops to purchase kites, phirki, gundar patti (to stick the torn kites), toti (to protect fingers from cutting), tukkal (night lamps to fly alongwith the kites), dhaal (the big kites).....after getting all this stuff back at home, bachas were at the highest satisfaction level...then the preparation started to tie the kinnas of the kites...obviously that task was done by the papa's...while we kids were just happy to count the number of kites we had and to select the best ones for self...all the mummies used to be busy purchasing different vegetables to make undhiya....and prepared chikkis made of gud(jaggery) and til(sesame seeds).
It is considered that the reason behind preparing undhiyu is that it contains all vegetables, which is a symbol of togetherness. While reason behind preparing chikki is that til is a symbol of affection while jaggery of sweetness. Well but who cares what it symbolises??? we just relish the sweet chikkis and the delicious undhiyu made by our mummies... (which now i eat less thinking about my calories)
And then all the kids used to get up early in the morning hearing with the shoutings "kaipo chhe", "Ae lapet", meaning i have cut your kite, so roll your strings back. No alarms required on this day. The whole day was spent on terrace with no worries of studies...more than flying the kites, we enjoyed catching the cut kites...there was an unsaid competition between the kids that who would catch the maximum number of kites and also an unsaid competition between the elders...kiski patang, kise kategi?
Then when I came in college, I stopped celebrating this festival with family, I celebrated with friends...and more than kite flying, it was spending good time with friends and looking at the handsome guys and beautiful girls on the terrace....
And now when college is over, I neither celebrate it with family nor friends....everytime i hear the shoutings from the terrace, I remember those good old days, the bonding with the family, the fun with friends...
I really miss those days...