Monday, March 16, 2009

Papa, do you think i can break Sachin's record???

“Papa main bada hoke pilot banna chahta hoon”
“Papa I want to be a gardener”
“Papa, cook”
“Papa, do you think I can break Sachin’s record?”
Somewhere we all are connected to this advertisement. Every individual comes to a stage at least once in life where it becomes mandatory to choose from the various options that he/she has been thinking about his career every now and then since childhood.
And plus the decision making pressure that comes with the system.

“Beta agar science mein jana hai to 10th std. mein ache marks lane padenge.”

After 10th results, it is a major decision to choose between science, commerce and arts. But that option is available only if you have scored well in 10th. If you are an average student, then you only have commerce or arts option left with you. If you are a below average student, then arts is the only option left.
Again, once you finish your 12th std., you need to choose from engineering, doctor, B.Sc., MCA, BBA, etc…
Your confusion worsens when any Tom, Dick and Harry is there to come and advice you. Even a regular kitty going aunty visiting your place will advice you,
“Beta, itne marks mein to engineering mein nahi milega.”
“Beta, yeh college mein hi admission lena. Mere dost ke padosi ke bhatije ke bhai ne wahi se kiya hai. Bahut achhi college hai.”….blah, blah, blah….as if the aunty has done a P.hD in ranking the colleges and is a visiting faculty.
And finally you just end up choosing a college where you get admission by luck or by chance or by getting a consensus of 100s of advices and forming their graphs.
Though this is not the case for students who have been hammered about their careers since their childhood or who are born geniuses. They are very clear with their long term goals and hence they know what path to choose.
Getting back to people like me, after getting out of these colleges, you either want to pursue your studies further or will take up a job. If you take up a job, after a few years, you will realize that you need to get back to studies.
If you take up studies, then you need to decide which company you will like to get placed later, what kind of life style you are expecting, what package are you expecting? After getting a job in the desired company, you get pissed off with the routine and the politics and the mismanagement and the boss…
And then there comes a voice from within “I want to do something different.”
Some of us dare to hear this inner voice and some of us just suppress it thinking it is not possible with the current responsibilities. Thank god people like Abhinav Bindra, Rohit Bal, Chetan Bhagat, AR Rehman, Richard Branson, Ayn Rand, Bill Gates,…did not have such responsibilities. They were people who just did it! There was not time in their lives to sit and wish.
I know it is not that easy, but I know commitment and hard work and of course luck can make this happen. And satisfaction is guaranteed. If not full time, at least you can start pursuing your dreams part time with -
Photography, dancing, cooking, blogging, writing novels or books, open a restaurant, become a guide, modeling (only if you think others like your face other than you and your mother), acting, having your own boutique, etc. etc….
So as Sachin said “YES, WHY NOT??? YOU CAN BREAK MY RECORD!”


  1. I only had Science as an option in my school.. It was a school for Future Sarkari Scientists!!! But I decided otherwise and I am really really glad!!!

    In a way, my parents supported my decision.. So Kudos to them also.. Not many parents do that!!!

    well ya thats true...kudos to parents who give liberty to their children...and especially your father is a sending child into an arts background needs courage with our set of mind...:)


    If you had been engineer, u wud hve been as successful as me and the best part is u wud hve been degree holder. As people say u wud hve got "EVOLVED"

  4. Dear SaTan,
    You really think, outside evaluation matters to me... Holding a degree is not a prerequisite.. Yes, I would not be earning as an engineer might.. but I sure like going to office and I like my work.. It is a creative field and not a boring, logical and rational field like yours!! Not like 'Some Engineers' I know, Who would not even wake up to go to office..!!!

    Don't you even know 'someone' like above???



    Sorry I m choosy while talking to peoples at least they should be "degree" holder.

    Dont worry darling...these materialistic people lost in the pleasures of this world will not understand what talent means, what art means...

    Ja beti ja...tu apna khwab pura kar le...yeh duniya wale to bolte rahenge...:)

    wow! what a melodrama huh???

  7. loved your blog!

    wonderful posts. I could relate to this post as I went through these stages in my life and I'm yet to listen to my 'inner voice'.