Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wanna be a Midas??? Sure be one...

God says

"You want something, I want something else,

Yet it always happens what I want,

Instead you start doing what I want,

Then things will happen the way you want!"

This is just so true...i agree to the fact that whatever you pray from the bottom of your heart, god certainly gives you that but it is always with a twist in the wish...remember the story of the king with a Midas touch???

There was once a king named Midas who did a good deed for a Satyr and was granted a wish by the God of wine, Dionysus. For his wish, Midas asked that whatever he touched would turn to gold. Although Dionysus tried to dissuade him, Midas insisted that the wish was an excellent one, and it was granted!
Excitedly, Midas went about touching all sorts of things, turning them into gold.
Soon Midas became hungry. He picked up a piece of food, but he couldn't eat it, for it had turned to gold in his hand! "I'll starve," moaned Midas, "Perhaps this was not such a good wish after all!"
Midas' beloved daughter, seeing his dismay, threw her arms about him to comfort him, and, she too turned to gold! "The golden touch is no blessing," cried Midas. He went to the river and wept. The sand of that river turned as yellow as "fool's gold" for it is there, they say, that King Midas washed away the curse of the golden touch with his own tears.

Now compare your lives with this story...remember atleast one thing that you have desperately wanted. When you achieved that, did you get it exactly as you had wished for?

God just smiles and says "You are not gonna get what you want my child. You cant be a demanding and a cribbing child with me. I will set you right if you be like that. "

So finally we give up and say "God, you be my guide, you be my mentor, you be my master; I will do all that you want me to do."

And once you start doing that, God says "You are my obedient child. I am happy with you. I can read whats in your heart and you will get all that."


  1. I think I wished SaTaN.... OMG...what a headache he is...!!!!


    As such, I have never wished for anything... Never needed anything so desperately...

  2. well said... Aditi... and quite true as well!!

    Hey.. reading your post... this song came to my mind.. Have you heard the song from Delhi 6 - I think its called Arziyaan... One of the lines in the song is -

    Marrammat Mukaddar ki kar do maula...

    (nice line isn't is??)

  3. @patricia

    yup have heard the song...the lyrics are really good...specially the line you mentioned is nice...
    and patricia, my name is nikita and not aditi...:)

  4. I wish that I would have been with some "degree" holder :( LOL

    Neway I am an atheist so can't comment much on this post.....

  5. @satan...

    well ya i didnt expect a comment from you on this post knowing you are atheist...:)

  6. Dear Nikita
    A simple tale with a lot of underlying meaning. I guess all of us sometimes tend to be like Midas.


  7. Nikita... I'm sooooo sorry!!! I dont know why Aditi is always stuck in my head... I've done this before!!! I know you are Nikita... coz I like your blog.. and keep checking... just incase my blogger isnt updating automatically... Its still a bit difficult for me to trust this technology!!!

  8. Hey Patricia...not a prob at all dear...I am glad to hear you like my blogs :)

    Hope will keep upto your expectations in future too...hey you are in Mumbai right? I am planning to get there in a week or so...