Friday, March 27, 2009

Jo hukum mere aka...

This one is quite similar to the previous blog i wrote 'Wanna be a Midas? Sure be one' , its about wishes. However, i wanted to relate wishes to an another story of Alladin.

What if we all were given a Genie once in our life time? A pre-decided moment by destiny - an Alladin lamp given to you and then when you rub the lamp, a giant genie appears.

"Jo hukum mere aka. Main tumhari teen maange puri karunga"

You know what, when I imagine a genie in front of me, I cant even think of any wish and even if i do, I feel is it worth asking for? I have only three wishes so should I waste one of my wish asking for this? And then I will be so confused and greedy that it would take me years to make up my mind.

Ok lets do an exercise to simplify this. Go and get a paper and a pen. List down all your wishes in the following categories -

1. Career wish

2. Materialistic wish

3. Family wish

4. Health wish

5. Spiritual wish...any other that comes up your mind.

Now out of these wishes, cancel out those wishes that are not very important to you. Out of the remaining wishes, list out the best three in the order of your priority.

Have you been able to do that? If yes, then are these wishes so strong that you would like to ask it to the genie, who has been given to you only once in life?

Well all i could wish is " I should die in my sleep in the arms of my beloved after seeing my grand children happily having Ben & Jerry's ice cream in gold plates in my bungalow located in front of a sea beach." ...ya i know have stolen that wish...but i hope i havent missed out any point of happiness that i wish.



  1. In such a scenario, my 1st wish would be "May all my wishes that I make in future turn true"
    2nd wish : "May all the wishes that my loved ones ever have, turn true"
    3rd Wish : "May you(the genie himself!) get the power to grant my earlier two wishes"

    Wanna be Midas, sure be one, he he !! ;)

  2. Nikita.. you got me thinking.. I dont know what I would wish for really??!! Its tuff!!!

    So.. I hope the genie appears after I've had enough time to think!!1

    oh.. I love Ben & Jerrys... yyyyuuummmmm!!!

  3. @Patricia

    Well i guess Nilay has given a nice answer..hope that solves your prob...:)


    Intelligent wish :)

  4. One should be careful of what they wish for; For you might not know when it comes true!!!

  5. Getting into NID...that was one of ur wishes..right!!

  6. hehe...well ya that wasnt my dream until the newspaper advertisement of NID :)