Friday, January 14, 2011


It has been two years since I started writing this blog on a sunny, windy, lovely Uttarayan day. As always, Uttarayan has always been my special festival. The Kite flying gives a sense of freedom. Though it is flying high in the air, it is attached to its roots unless is rigorously and harshly cut from its connections. It falls down, however doesn’t stop its spirit of flying. It flies again with new spirit and new hopes. It sometimes gets entangled in difficulties and is torn into pieces. But it is still happy to have lived a life giving happiness to others.

All right there goes the philosophical way. Apart from that, it is a day for me to measure my life of how many Uttarayans have I spent in my life on terrace enjoying with family, friends. It gives me an idea of where I was 5 Uttarayan back and where am I today. So much has happened and so much has gone by, so much has changed yet so much is still the same within me.

May be it also the time for me to plan as to how would I like to spend Uttarayans 10 years later in my life.

Ahhh…forget it… its time to go up and fly the kites. No more philosophy and no more worries. As a wise man has said


HAPPY UTTARAYAN and sorry for such a disappointing blog…