Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Dont worry!!! Be happy!!!

Different instances in our lives bring different feelings and reactions in us. Some make us happy and some make us sad. Usually when I get sad, I think of it like this - how would I look at this situation after a few days, will I still feel the same pain/ frustration/ anger? Or will it be just a phase to me then. 

Notice your moments in life from the past that have brought in you pain, anger, frustration, sadness and depression. Now when you think of those reactions, don't you feel stupid about your reaction? Don't you feel, it hardly made a big deal? Don't you think if you would have reacted in a more mature way, atleast others might not have formed an opinion of you? 

It is not easy to follow this, but I try to see every situation that comes along in my life, as an outsider. I know that this all would be just a phase which will go away. And then after few days, you will feel this small and after few years, you may not even remember it. 

My simple aim is to remain happy. Speaking Tree in TOI is usually an inspiration to keep reminded all the time 'How to live life'. Various gurus, philosophers, writers say only one thing - Be Happy!!!

Don't dwell in the past or worry about the future. Dont have expectations. Be happy as you are now and enjoy peace. Simply remain happy and in peace. 

People suffer on account of imagined calamities and forego a thousand moments of happiness. 

Cultivate patience. You earn a bad name for making issues of petty things because of lack of patience. 

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Being Human! No, its not about Salman Khan's NGO!

Born to Bengali and Gujarati parents, and getting married to a U.P. husband, now living in Karnataka makes me wonder what should my answer be when someone asks me what place or what caste I belong to.

Does it really matter? For a moment I pause and think what should my answer be and then confused of what part of India is more in me, I prefer giving my entire history to the person rather than describing myself as a Bengali, Gujarati or a U.P.

Having brought up in a nuclear and modern family, my parents were liberal and independent in thoughts. We spoke Hindi at home (neither Gujarati nor Bengali), no particular cuisine was preferred (we followed our taste), open to worship all Gods (a debatable question though), celebrated all festivals (felt it specially while celebrating Gujarati Navratri and Bengali Durga Puja simultaneously) and we adopted rituals from various  places. Our mind and belief dominated our place of origin.

I have had friends from various parts of India and world rather, this broadened my perspective even more. Being with them made me realize that every religion teaches you to be humane, humble and true to your self. It actually depends on the person what he chooses to become in the course of time that he goes through the tests of life.

Rituals have their meanings and purpose, but they gradually become rigid rules to be followed blindly. Rituals are a way of purifying your soul and they make sense only if you perform them when you understand the entire purpose of it. One should always be open to performing rituals with sincerity, provided you understand their meaning and purpose. One should be happy to perform them unless they are made compulsions and a matter of being judged of who you are.

I am happy to be just Human! Not a Gujarati, Bengali, Christian, or any of those kinds.