Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Morning story...its not like the bed time stories at all!!!

Trrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnggggggggggg!!!! Goes my alarm! With my eyes closed and knowing where the noise is coming from, my hand automatically goes to the snooze button. The scene repeats three to four times (and hence i purposely keep the alarm half hour early to my scheduled time).

My voluntary muscles start doing the routine involuntarily. I put on my tracks and shoes, take my mobile, observe the time and here i go Left Right Left Right with my eyes half closed. However it opens with the barking of the dog at the milkman and the school vanwalas beeping to pick up all the battons (children) and reach the finish line (school) in time.

I can see a few uncles with their pot-shaped bellies trying hard to roll down. Some aunties in their gowns, hair scattered going to the doodhwala to fight why he didnt stop at the gate for a few seconds? While some rich fat ladies fitted in their tracks and tshirts (all adoring adidas, nike, reebok tags) hoofing like a steam engine, with a determination to slim down before attending Mrs. Chada's daughter's wedding.

Walking past all this hustle bustle, I reach my favourite lane which is serene and quiet. On one side are magnificent bungalows with beautifully architectured designs and a lovely garden in front of each bungalow. I still dont know who lives in those beautiful mansions, because i never see any resident. All i can see is the servants cleaning the cars or the garden. With peacocks crossing the roads and flying over the roofs of these bungalows, and the smell of flowers from each garden, the cool breeze and the chirping of the birds; its just the perfect morning I wish for.

And then there is a small church, which looks more like an abandoned place. Its only once that i saw an old lady in her frock lighting the candles before Mother Mary. Sometimes I take a few moments and sit in front of the picture and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, which I miss the rest of the day.

Jogging ahead I reach an artificial lake, which is a multi purpose lake. In the morning its a jogging place around the lake, in afternoon its a place for collegians to spend time, in evening its time for the old people to have a chit-chat, also for kids to play at the park and enjoy the rides, and then at night its for those love birds who are tabooed to meet during the day light. So at this lake, while others are exercising, or jogging, or doing yoga, or breathing exercise; I just sit on the stairs of the lake and observe the tranquility of water. This is the best time for me to plan out my day. I know some people observe me daily doing nothing and wondering why does she come here when she doesnt want to exercise??? hehe...but who cares...i am too lazy to exercise after the walk to the lake and plus i want to save my energy to go back home too...

On my way back home, I see a man standing with a few calfs and heaps of hay to be feeded to them. Its his business to feed these cows only when some one pays to do so...hmm...thats sad. By the time I return back home, the sun has risen enough to take away that soothing cool breeze around. So I rush back home to have my morning tea with the newspaper waiting for me.


  1. That's a nice way to begin your mornings.. No wonder you are in such a good shape..!! :D

    I really want to go on morning walks, but you know the lazy guy just does not wake up..!!

    LOL..so, we have joined swimming classes..!! :)

  2. Since you are already writing... Can you try something short here...

    Poetry, dialogue, dreams and/or prose in 120 words, on "India", without using the actual word in it..!!


  3. Beautifully written Nikita... I could imagine the picture of a morning walk from Indraprastha to Vastrapur via CNI church and Sunrise park bunglows while reading ur post...

    The title is truthful and sad... This story is totally unlike the bed time stories where in the end, everyone lives happily everafter...

    Here the story starts with happiness, kids, cool breeze, beautiful flowers, etc. but ends with u planning for the busy day, hot scorching sun, traffic building up, then caffeine and the 'dirt-filled' newspapers...

  4. @rush.me

    Well ya thats good that you started with swimming...i would like to start that too in the near future...will surely try out writing something on 'India' though i am not sure if i would be able to write good enough to post it...but will make an attempt. :)

  5. @Nilay...

    I am glad I could take you on a journey of thoughts...:)

  6. Lovely morning Nikita.. I admire you!! I've been far too lazy since Christmas.. I've not gone for a walk at all... But then again.. if I got to see all that you've seen on your walk.. I'd truely be inspired to walk!!

    However.. my morning walks are not that beautiful at all!!!

    I envy your morning!!

    PS - Well done with the Walks.. keep going!

  7. such fresh views... such innocent thoughts... pure as morning dew... i like your style of writing...

  8. Very interesting & Very well written! The pictures look awsome too. It has been a wonderful time reading your blog and going through the pics across

  9. Hey Nikita,
    Very well written, I am just reading your topics one by another from last 2 hours (leaving my office work).
    Its really interesting and heart touching. Really appreciate your written skills. You must try for some good magazines.

  10. Hey Nikita,
    Very well written. I m just reading one by one all the interesting topics from last 2 hours (leaving my office work)
    Its really very interesting, realistic and heart touching. I am impress for your written skills. You must try for some magazines.

  11. thanks bina... that is really enouraging and flattering to me...but pls work along with reading it.. i dont want to be responsible for losing ur job :) but actually the fact is I had written a few posts in office...hehe...