Friday, June 12, 2009

Getting into NID...phew!!!

Now that I am already into NID, I can have the gutt to talk about the experience during the admission procedure. It was quite an of a kind and very satisfying.

I left my job in March to pursue my hobby as a passion. I wasnt sure if I was following the correct path. It was a tough decision and highly risked. However, when I saw the advertisement of NID, National Institute of Design for Photography Design course, I knew this is what I wanted to do. But I wasnt sure if I would be able to get into it, as NID looks for highly talented people and I wasnt a great photographer at all. So, I decided to have a plan-B ready with me.

My first step was to prepare a portfolio of 45 good pics. So I shortlisted a few pics from the accumulated pics since years. But they werent enough. So for about a month I went about clicking pics. But it wasnt that simple. I didnt have an SLR camera, infact didnt have any camera. So i had to beg and borrow cameras from others. But may be this increased my dertermination even more.

I still remember the day when I went to submit my portfolio. It was a day after my birthday. With my heart pumping as fast as a speed boat machine, and blood gushing faster than the speed of light, I entered the campus of NID and I knew this is the place to be. But I wasnt sure at all about my entry...however I just handed over my work at the office and came back home relaxed.

After 15 days received a mail saying I was shortlisted and had to appear for an interview. Oh man! I was if I had already got the admission. But I didnt celebrate this. This was just the first step up! I started preparing for the basics of photography, cameras, lenses, techniques, dark room, etc. It wasnt that interesting but then had to....

The day of written test arrived. The hall was full of more than 45 ppl. The number made me feel nervous. It was a tough competition and plus they were all smart people from Delhi, Mumbai, Kerala, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata...all had their big cameras with them. I had no clue about the photographers they had asked for in the written test, however knew all the basics. But I was sure no one else too must have known about it.

Then we had the interview. The panel included 3 eminent photographers, our course co-ordinater Dr. Deepak John Matthew and a psychologist (hope the spelling is right). I was nervous for sure. It went on for 20 min and I have absolutely no clue what I answered to their questions. As if I was drunk!

Next day was studio test. We had to click 15 pics on a topic in one hour with its description too.

My topic was 'Contrast in NID campus'. It was fun clicking with the film 35 mm camera. After my turn was over, I helped the next batch to load their films in camera.

So finally, all my efforts were over. Now had to wait for another 15 days for the result. But I was pretty sure I would get it. I had performed fair enough in all the rounds. And yuppieeee....!!!! I got it!!!

I really feel this is the best decision I ever made in my life. I could now tell people that I was not a loser. This is the best year of my life...enjoying every bit of it!!! Exploring NID in one year is too short a time...but am glad atleast I have one year! CHEERS!!!


  1. Arey wah! Your birthday brought you good luck... :D

    I wish you all the best for the completion of course...!!

    Mujhe toh sirf NIFT hi pata that, NID nahi, Grr.. Kaash pahle kiya hota...!!

  2. seriously NID is the place to be for have good talent and this is THE PLACE for you...its never too can come here for a PG course some day... am sure u will get in with the first trial itself!!!

  3. Wow... thats great news... awesome...Congrats!!

  4. Nikita, I am so glad you found your have a very pure heart and passion for life, which is reflected in your art.
    Just follow your dreams with more passion everyday and Life will smile back you. You got everything that it takes to make it great and I am sure you will touch many more hearts and will inspire many with your work.

    Good luck and GOD bless.

  5. hey thanks smiteen...your words have really encouraged me. wish i live upto my expectations...but one thing is for sure...NID is changing me and my way of thinking...certainly for the better!!!

    Thanks for all your wishes! Chao!!!

  6. congratulations nikita for getting admission to your dream college NID. I am myself amateur photographer not even having DSLR camera, but I am passionate about it. I love doiing photography. can I have link of ur work, in-case you have uploaded it on flikr or somewhere...

  7. Interesting ...! I can feel the passion..!
    The right person, right place, and right time..! All the very best..!

  8. Ohh...quite a journey u've had.....getting into NID is difficult, but nothing is ever impossible, right. And remember what Steve Jobs said in the commencement speech at Stanford,"You can't connect the dots looking forward, you can only connect them looking backwards. So you have to trust that the dots will somehow connect in your future.".....Nice experience..:)