Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Humor, the essence of life...

It is not new when I say
“life without love is impossible”.
Even the most self-centric and selfish person on earth believes in love. How? Of course by loving himself (no gender specified, coz self is always considered as a male gender), simple. :)
But can you imagine love without expectations? Mind it, even desiring a hug every morning from your dear one is an expectation. Even a mother’s love for the child has an expectation of being treated well by the child when he grows up. Even a devotee loving God has an expectation to get liberation. Love cannot exist without expectations; however, the extent of expectation decides how much you love the other person. The expectation should not strangle the person you love.
With the rise of expectations, rises problem. And as it is said rightly -

“Happiness is not an absence of problems, but it is the feeling you get when you give in your best to come out of the problem.”

With problems come worries. However, the worries only create a panic which again leads to a whole lot of new problems. So instead, bring humor to your life. Any situation can be handled with ease if you know how to deal it with a mix of humor.

Nothing is too serious in life to take away your faith in God or has the right to take away the happiness from your life. You are born to be happy. God has sent you on earth to enjoy life and prove your worth so that when you get back to Him, you can proudly say
“God, I have achieved what you had sent me for.”
This very thought of bringing humor to life came from reading the cartoons everyday by RK Laxman on ‘The Times of India’ front page. I smile, no matter how grave the topic he comments upon. The common man he shows never speaks anything, but is just an onlooker. Similarly, even we as a self should only be an onlooker to the situations that we come across, only then we can enjoy the humor of life.

"Without faith, love and a good sense of humor, you dont get through much in this life."


  1. So true... Just little things but very important in life!!

  2. hmmm.... i agree. u dont need a hilarious moment to make u happy, we must try to seek happiness from the little things in life.

    keep blogging... looking for more such posts :)

    -Nilay Goyal

  3. I agree.. this is sooo true!! Here is something I beleive in -

    Life is short
    Break the rules
    Forgive quickly
    Kiss passionately
    Love truly
    Laugh constantly
    And never stop smiling
    No matter how strange life is
    Life is not always the party we expected,
    But while we are here, we might as well dance, smile & be grateful!